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Skymerge - Deepak Menon

Written by international Award Winner Deepak Menon, with a Readers Favorite 5 Star review, Skymerge, is a sweeping well researched novel of the opening up of Space, spanning 5 Planets including Earth, and a planet named Rukana where a major portion of the events comprising this amazing novel occur. There are many heroes in this book and many heroines, each unforgettable with a unique personality distinctly different from any other protagonist in this book, or any other in its genre. The book begins with a shattering prologue reminiscent of medieval times on Earth, yet relating to another Planet. The story starts with the discovery of a Scroll and a Bracelet in a remote desert location in Africa, found in a geological layer dated a million years ago, before mankind manifested in its present form as a sentient species. This seems impossible unless the artifacts are of extraterrestrial origin. Alternating the chapters between Earth and other Planets, the story is skillfully built into a cohesive whole, bringing with it glimpses of different cultures, battles, and a war, as also a very human touch of love, affection, courage and wide ranging vision amongst the characters. Inevitably the story builds up to "Contact" with the Aliens from the alien planet situated Light Years away, yet the conceptualization is well interwoven with the Laws of Physics & Nature that the reader can not entirely discount the hard core science fiction concepts in Skymerge, since it retains an element of plausibility albeit minuscule, which is what this book is all about! It successfully explores the outermost boundaries of physical constraints with the message that what may be fiction today, may be the facts of tomorrow. Skymerge succeeds in effectively delivering a gripping adventure story based on hardcore astrophysics and astronomy to the layman, without straying too far into the realm of fantasy.